Best Last-Minute Digital Gift Ideas You Can Buy Christmas Morning

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It’s Christmas morning. You’re a block away from your sister’s house in your festive sweater with your trusted side dish when you realize you didn’t get a present for your favorite aunt. You didn’t snub her on purpose! You just forgot. But when she passes you a thoughtfully selected present and you respond with an empty-handed shrug, you’re going to want to evaporate. We can’t have that happen.

Whether you forgot entirely, didn’t know you were exchanging gifts with someone until they got you something, or you’re more into *experiences* than literal presents, these actually last-minute gifts are digital presents you can buy on the spot. Consider it a step up from sending them some money on Venmo with a Christmas tree emoji.

From Airbnb gift cards to digital music subscriptions, these presents are about trying new things and finding new interests. Instead of an itchy sweater or generic candle, gift your love one a virtual cooking class or access to a library of audio books. It’s not thoughtless or last minute, it’s intellectual! (How’s that for rebranding.) And because time is of the essence, we’ve rounded up the best digital gifts to give to a loved one when you’ve forgotten to get them a physical wrapped present.

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