Easy Holiday Appetizers For A Smaller, More Laid-Back Crowd

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As we all know, this isn’t the year (YET AGAIN) for a black-tie holiday party, a dessert buffet or kissing strangers under the mistletoe. COVID-19 safety guidelines suggest it’s safest to stay at home, and honestly, what could be better than that?

Do you really want to eat another crudité served on an endive leaf? Or balance a glass of wine in one hand and your purse under your armpit while trying to eat shrimp off a skewer? And do you really want to eat unidentified cubes of gelée that’ve been handed to you by a server whose hands may or may not have been washed recently?

Nah, us neither. We want big hunks of white bread dunked in a hot casserole dish of spinach-artichoke dip, and we want sticky plates of wings. We want as much at-home comfort food that we can eat in our pajamas, without judgment, as humanly possible.

Make these cozy, homey appetizers for the holidays this year. Check out our favorite recipes below.

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