Houston Texans Punter Cameron Johnston Looks Amazingly Like Comedian Bill Burr, Fans Say

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Fans marveled at the resemblance when they saw Johnston on camera without his helmet during the Texans’ home game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

One big difference between the two: Burr tells jokes; Johnston plays for one of the NFL’s joke teams at the moment. Houston fell to 2-11 after its 33-13 defeat.

But both Burr and Johnston appear to be pretty good at their craft. Johnston, in his fourth year out of Ohio State, ranks 13th in the NFL this season in average yards per punt at 46.8. (He also leads the league in attempts at 71, because the Texans have a terrible offense.)

Twitter, of course, kicked around some lookalike jokes while seriously noting the two are a “dead on match.”

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