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A good-hearted neighbor (Billie Eilish) invites a lonely, elderly woman (Kate McKinnon) for a holiday dinner via hand-written notes through their windows, and gets way more than she bargained for in a creepy “Saturday Night Live” ad sketch.

McKinnon is so grateful, writing “I’d love to” come over, but then asks: “Are there any Black people there? … Jews?”

She writes to Eilish to “cherish your family. My family are all dead … to me. They voted for a woman president. Disgraceful.”

But then things take a horror movie turn when she writes: “I didn’t kill my husband. Margaret did.”

Her disturbed son writes behind her back: “She’s Margaret.”

Turns out it’s a spoof ad for Nextdoor: “Know thy neighbor before you love thy neighbor” is the tagline.

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