Packable Jackets For Traveling That’ll Give You Extra Room In Your Suitcase

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But while you’re making your packing list and checking it twice, you should also consider jackets and coats that won’t be too bulky to fit inside your bags or luggage. This is especially true if you’re coming from a warmer climate and going somewhere that’s a bit chillier. Packable jackets are the answer. This type of jacket is specifically designed to be rolled up and stored in one of its built-in zip-up pockets, meaning it essentially packs itself. And it creates an excellent travel pillow.

What makes packable jackets different from regular puffer or down coats is the amount of insulation they’re made with. Packable down jackets contain fewer down feathers, so they’re able to roll up into a smaller size. However, if you want to know how warm a packable down jacket will be, you can look at its fill power number. The closer it is to 800, the more insulation it will provide. This number can also be found in descriptions of jackets made with synthetic insulation like polyfill.

Below, we rounded up various packable jackets of different colors, materials sizes and fill power numbers, where applicable, so you can select the right one for your traveling needs.

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